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8 Reasons to go to Switzerland

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🇨🇭 La Suisse – Switzerland – 瑞士 🇨🇭

  • mountainS
    • Jungfrau Region
      • Jungfraujoch : 3,454m. UNESCO World Heritage site in the Swiss Alps.
      • Interlaken: Rustic town and a popular starting point for travelers in the region.
      • Grindelwald : Skydive
      • MĂĽrren : One of the top attractions of the Jungfrau region.
      • Schilthorn : 2.970 m
      • Wengen : 1274 m
      • Lauterbrunnen : 72 thundering waterfalls, secluded valleys, colourful alpine meadows and lonely mountain inns, the Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the biggest nature conservation areas in Switzerland
      •  Kleine Scheidegg : located directly at the foot of Eiger North Face. It is the watershed between the two LĂĽtschinen valleys.
      •  Schynige Platte : Top of Europe and the world’s only Velogemel training course in summer
    • Matterhorn – Cervin

      You like to climb + taking some awesome pictures?

Matter what??? M-a-t-t-e-r-h-o-r-n!


  • Unusual culture

    Living tradition in Switzerland has an enormous wealth.
    Swiss Alps, Mountain farmers, instruments like the marvelous Alpenhorn and some loude Yodelling!

    Switzerland has an extensive amateur music scene. Every village has a choir or a brass bandAlpine farming.
    • Some traditionnal instruments:
      • accordion, Schwyzerörgeli (a type of diatonic button accordion), Oergeli, a diminutive form of the word Orgel (organ)

Violin, bass violin, clarinet, or TrĂĽmpi (Jew’s harp)? Yes! And, of course, the typical Swiss …horn -> the Alphorn musical and signaling instrument used by the herdsmen and many yodeling choirs since the 19th century.

  • schwingen

Schwingen it is a style of folk wrestling native to Switzerland, more specifically the pre-alpine parts of German-speaking Switzerland. Wrestlers wear Schwingerhosen (« wrestling breeches ») with belts that are used for taking holds. Throws and trips are common because the first person to pin his or her opponent’s shoulders to the ground wins the bout. Once every three years, pairs of men meet in sawdust rings to test their strength, balance and ability to throw their partner to the ground. The Federal Wrestling and Alpine Games Festival is the most prestigious event for Swiss-style wrestling. The festival also features other unique Swiss sports – hornussen and stone throwing – as well as the best yodellers, flag-throwers and alphorn players in Switzerland.


    A shady origins in the Swiss Alps as a dish for poor farmers who sought to make use of all their left-over ingredients during the tough winter months. On a trip to the Swiss Alps you can dig into regional specialities like raclette … To be clear, you can eat it all the year and around the country. However has we said in Swiss… it preferable to eat it when you find an « R » in your month ….from SeptembeR to ApRil – yeaRRRRR 🙂


  • Autumn…It was the time of harvest and thanksgiving, the time to spend money and party. Plenty of opportunity to do so: Markets, restaurants, dances, stalls, and more. Today many of these autumn traditions have retained their character as for example the Wine festivals in Vaud, Valais or Ticino. Try the picturesque Saint-Martin feast ot the market @ Chevenez as well as the many chestnut festivals in Ticino and the Bregaglia valley and ..and…encore plus ailleurs!

**Some Events**

//////////// Winter

The  Peitschenknallen.

Festival in Scuol
The L’Hom Strom ,

The romantic 
festival of floating lights in Ermensee lake.

////////// Spring

The giant ‘Böögg‘, an 80 kg ‘snowman’ which is filled with fireworks. The quicker it explodes, the hotter and longer the summer will be.

The Vignolage in Sierre accompanied by pipes and drums

The «Eierläset» egg race festival is an ancient spring tradition and fertility ritual to banish the winter

/////////// Summer

Leben auf der Alp... Thousands of herdsmen move their cows, cattle, sheep and goats up the mountains.

On 1 August it is the Swiss National Day. Speeches, firework and parties,…

Walliser Kuhkämpfe  Cow fighting festivals in Valais


    Switzerland isn’t just all mountain tops, it’s also some of Europe’s largest and most beautiful lakes and offer stunning views. For example:
    • Lake Oeschinen
    • Lake Geneva
    • Lake Lucerne
    • Lake Constance
    • Lake Lugano
    • Lake Thun
  • WINE
    • A cultural and traditional « Savoir faire ».
    • Not widely known internationally howeve 200 types of vine to appreciate…
    • Only 1 to 2% of Swiss wines are exported.
    • Switzerland produces around 1 million hectolitre of wine (Italy, nearly 49 million hectolitres in 2016)
    • The highest altitude vineyard in Switzerland and Europe is the Visperterminen in the Canton of Valais @ 1’150m. 

Par Andrea-安德海

Sport, food expert, in love with Taiwan, Japan, Greece, Switzerland, Music and Arts, Traditional Martial Arts, to Be Quiet, Green Tea and Organic life + Healthy Food + Humanistic Values + the Respect of Differences. Enough for today ;-)

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