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Ne faites plus l’erreur!

Une brebis, n’est pas une chèvre et non pas non plus un mouton. Son fromage est aussi délicat que son pelage et son petit le symbole biblique… l’agneau, l’innocence et la pureté personnifiées 🙂 Cela va être probablement le poste le plus court. Ne dit-on pas que le silence est d’or? Il faut dire qu’après […]

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Comment perdre du poids?

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8 reasons to shop at the Market + 4 Geneva’s top Market

8 reasons to shop there MINUSSupermarkets have a long chain of where the goods come from. BONUSAt traditional markets, local people bring all the stuff, which means the supplies are from local farmers. Public market have the potential to attract (new) customers, increase business and thriving destination for locals and visitors. 1. A public market […]

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8 Reasons to go to Switzerland

🇨🇭 La Suisse – Switzerland – 瑞士 🇨🇭 mountainS Jungfrau Region  Jungfraujoch : 3,454m. UNESCO World Heritage site in the Swiss Alps. Interlaken: Rustic town and a popular starting point for travelers in the region. Grindelwald : Skydive Mürren : One of the top attractions of the Jungfrau region. Schilthorn : 2.970 m Wengen : 1274 m […]

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10 Great Reasons to Eat Fermented Foods

10 great reasons to eat… IN FRENCH: -> V I D E O Lactic acid fermentation is a metabolic process by which glucose and other sugars (6-carbons) are converted into cellular energy. The metabolite lactate is lactic acid in solution. It’s taste sooooo gooood and, in +++++ my grand-grand-grand…mother knew, « It’s good for you too! » […]